About The Artist

51378894_2250458861639954_510696951801446400_n“Art for me is  necessary, striving to express clearly and colorfully what is important, what I love, and what pulls at my heart.”

As an oil painter for the last 12 years, it has been a experience of growth and achievement for me. I was taught Russian Impressionism style painting under the guidance of Randy Blasquez, who has made the greatest influence on my art. Taking a workshop from artist, Ovanes Berberian, further spurred my interest to move toward this style of painting. 

Living in New Mexico for a decade really helped develop my greater appreciation for art. New Mexico had a largely diverse culture of artists as the “land of Enchantment”. Now living in the Northern California community, I have come across  many artists that have also inspired me to continue my oil painting. 


2 thoughts on “About The Artist

  1. Hi Christin
    I purchased the truck and lemon tree paniting and really love it a lot. I would be interested in two more to set my hall looking balanced, in same price range. I live in El Cajon area do you mail?

    Cecilia Silva

    1. Hi Cecilia,
      Thank you so much for your purchase of the old truck with lemon tree. I would love to paint you a couple more paintings. Please let me know what you would like. Would you like 2 more of old trucks? Same size and type of frame? I have some more trucks that I have photographed but if you have a favorite photo that is fine as well.
      My email is Christinespringer1@gmail.com. My tel is 530 210 8858.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Have a wonderful weekend,

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